Friday, November 15, 2019

Sirens strengthen resolve of JNF missions in Israel: 'We are here 24/7'

Children from the Eshkol region staying in a bomb shelter all day.
By Eric Narrow

This week, Israel woke to the unexpected sounds of sirens, from Be'er Sheva all the way to Tel Aviv, with early-morning commuters pulling off to the side of the road, school canceled, and parents told to stay home with their children, all before 9 a.m. on Tuesday morning.  

By the afternoon, as the sun hung low across the sparkling Mediterranean sea, local residents and tourists could be seen lounging on the beach, eating lunch along the many restaurants that line Tel Aviv's beach promenade, and getting ready for the next day. Within a matter of hours, life for most had seemed to return to a level of normalcy, all while the southern region of Israel continued to bear the brunt of the violence from Gaza.

Wednesday, November 13, 2019

Stand strong with Israel: On family trip, rocket sirens a sobering sound

By Steven London

Greetings from Tel Aviv. For the past 10 days, my wife Paula and I have been taking five  family members on a tour of Israel. We have been here many times, but several of our family members have never been and two of them were last here 45 years ago.  The purpose of our visit is sharing our passion for Israel. We wanted our family to feel our connection to Israel, to see the wonder of this place, and to appreciate what it's like to live here today.

Starting in Jerusalem, we took our family through ancient and modern times, with visits to Masada, Sfat, and Caesarea, and visits to the Golan Heights, the port of Haifa, to Atlit (the British Detention Center) and the Ayalon Institute (the bullet factory). Our travels ended in Tel Aviv, a vibrant, modern, and metropolitan city with beautiful beaches, world famous corporate R&D facilities, art and culture, and tourists and business people from throughout the world. My brother-in-law, who went to school here 45 years ago, couldn’t believe his eyes.

Tuesday, November 5, 2019

Brave, resilient Israelis in embattled Gaza Envelope give us strength

JNF CEO Russell Robinson with a Sderot resident whose car is riddled with holes. 

By Russell Robinson

As I'm packing to go to Israel to meet with five different Jewish National Fund-USA missions consisting of over 200 participants, my phone's tzevah-adom (red alert) app suddenly starts blaring "Red Alert! Red Alert!" Immediately, I check to see if it's one missile or more. It's more. I watch as one missile after another is launched from Gaza into the Israeli communities surrounding the border.

Our Israeli friends who live in the GazaEnvelope describe life there as 99 percent heaven and 1 percent hell. The 1 percent hell was beginning again, as it has from the day Israel withdrew from 100 percent of the territory in Gaza.