Friday, July 21, 2017

In the JNF Kitchen: Grilled stone fruit with zuta sorbet

This recipe of the week comes to us from La Boite, a biscuits and spice shop in New York City owned by Israeli chef and spice blender Lior Lev Sercarz. Lior and La Boite have gained international fame for mixing spices in a unique way and selling some of the world's rarest blends. He opened his culinary superstore after traveling and studying around the globe, and dreams of establishing a cooking school in Israel's north along with JNF. Lior was one of our first guests on the JNF podcast, IsraelCast - you can hear more about his journey on that episode!

Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Meet a JNF Leader: Joe Hess, who's experienced true miracles

Joe Hess on a recent trip to Israel with JNF.

Today we bring you the story of Joe Hess, a JNF leader from Garden Grove, Calif., whose fascinating personal history is a stunning example of Jewish tenacity and will in post-Holocaust America. 

Hess was born in Fulda, Germany, in 1939. He was on one of the last Kindertransport trains out of Europe, and his slight English accent is due to time spent in England, the only country to accept child transports. In fact, his first English word was "inkwell." 

Israel trip leaves millennial hopeful as ever about her generation

The author planting a tree in Israel with JNF. 
By Lauren France

Millennials get a bad rap. People write off my generation as lazy, entitled, and obsessed with social media. Sure, that last one might be true, but what I've learned in my four years as national chair of JNFuture, working alongside hundreds of my fellow "babies of the '80s," is that we are so much more than the stereotype. 

As chair of JNFuture, I had the privilege of serving as co-chair of the young professional track on the JNF 50th Anniversary of Jerusalem's Reunification Mission. After leading 31 other participants on a week-long tour of Israel, I am more encouraged than ever at the power of the millennial generation and the power of the Internet.

Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Everyday Heroes: What it feels like making nature accessible to all

Adi Cohen with a group of children at LOTEM-Making Nature Accessible. 

In concert with our most recent issue of B'Yachad celebrating Israel's heroes, we are bringing you stories that showcase inspirational men and women. If you want to become a hero too, support a hero

By Adi Cohen

Nearly two years have passed since I completed my national service as a guide with LOTEM in Jerusalem, but every time I return to guide a group, that amazing feeling of being part of something big comes back to me. LOTEM’s nature outings impact so many people with special needs, essentially giving them the ability to experience a sense of normalcy -- what they deserve as human beings who live in this beautiful world that surrounds us.

Friday, July 7, 2017

In the JNF Kitchen: Watermelon gazpacho with fresh fish tartar

This summery recipe comes from Avichai and Idan of Yanivichi Bistronestled in the eucalyptus trees on Moshav Bustan HaGalil, just a few minutes drive from AkkoSet inside a renovated structure from 1948, previously the Moshav’s first dairy compound, and named after the Moshav’s first milkman, the restaurant is the place to go to for fusion cooking that combines the vibe of Tel Aviv with Galilean flavors and local plates alongside dishes imported from Italy and France.

Thursday, July 6, 2017

In the JNF Kitchen: Shakshukeet from a famed Jerusalem restaurant

Photo: Machaneyuda
For the next few weeks, our #RecipeOfTheWeek series will feature some fantastic Israeli chefs. These culinary masters are on the itinerary of the amazing JNF Culinary, Wine and Music Tour this June. Learn more about the cultural experience here

This recipe comes to us from Chef Assaf Granit of Jerusalem's Machneyuda restaurant. He was born and raised in Jerusalem, and the city has always been an integral part of his life, but food, not so much. 

Growing up, "my house didn’t have any culinary inheritance," he says. "My mom was the worst cook ever," (though quickly adds he promised his mom he would try not to repeat that!) But when his family ate in restaurants, Granit fell in love with what he saw. After the army he started helping out as an unpaid kitchen assistant in a coffee shop to learn from chefs he admired.

In the JNF Kitchen: Fish wrapped in dough

Fish in dough, or salt crust.
For the next few weeks, our #RecipeOfTheWeek series will host some fantastic Israeli chefs. These culinary masters are slated for the itinerary of the amazing JNF Culinary, Wine and Music Tour this June. Learn more about this cultural experience here

This recipe comes from Erez Komarovsky, a chef and baker. Afar described him as "the first contemporary baker to introduce artisanal bread to Israel" and he's considered to be one of the leading cooks who defined Israeli cuisine in the late '80s and '90s.

In the JNF Kitchen: Beautiful strawberry-jam challah

This #RecipeOfTheWeek is brought to you by Anna Richlin, a wonderful member of the JNF family. Anna is a campaign executive for the Central New Jersey region, an area you can learn more about here. She's an expert challah baker sharing a sweet version for this week's Shabbat. See below for braiding tips as well! Recipe yields six medium challahs.

Tuesday, July 4, 2017

JNF Staff Spotlight: James Kimmey, former student leader at Christian university

James Kimmey JNF
James Kimmey, a 29-year-old San Diego native, has always felt a strong connection to Israel. 

By James Kimmey

Growing up in an evangelical household in Southern California might be an anomaly for me as Jewish National Fund’s newest San Diego director, but I've learned that Israel’s allies can often be found in the most unlikely places.

I've always been passionate about Israel. I can't pinpoint that one instance where I was sold. I just always felt in my heart that it was the right thing to do. And when I think of Israel, the amazing things that its people do, I think of Jewish National Fund and the impact anyone, even me, can have on the lives and land of Israel.